The Centre

The Centre was established in 2006. Its mission is to undertake collaborative research to inform policy makers, managers and professional practitioners in all relevant sectors to enhance the quality of their decision processes and actions. This, hopefully, will improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities through the optimal use of resources and opportunities, and thereby enable active individual participation in and contribution to the social and economic life of their community.

Aims & Values

Contribute to evidence-based policy and practice in care/ support systems and to generate a practice - based research ethos

To achieve these aims the Centre will:

- Support and undertake collaborative and multi-disciplinary research in the areas of health care policy, practice and delivery systems
- Contribute to the understanding of the contextual and systemic dimensions affecting health and illness such as socio-economic, structural, environmental and resource factors
- Develop research methodologies and evaluation strategies for health services and systems
- Facilitate and promote the dissemination of best practice in healthcare policy, systems and practice
- Facilitate networking with national and international organisations in this field of research
- Support health professional education and practice through applied research at post graduate an post doctoral levels


The underpinning principles of the Centre is to contribute to:

- Improvements in the quality, equity, accountability, patient-centeredness and equality of healthcare and outcomes; and
- the economy, efficiency and effectivemenss of public health delivery systems.


The guiding values of the Centre's Research Programme is excellence in research, transparency, respect for subjects and adherence to ethical guidelines.